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Rejestracja na zajęcia z wychowania fizycznego na studiach stacjonarnych [UMCS-WF]

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Enrollment for physical education classes in the summer semester of the academic year 2022/2023 will be made electronically in the USOSweb system from 24 to 28 february, 2023. Registration starts at 11.00 on 24 february, 2023.

Classes will be held stationary.

Students with exemptions from practical physical education enroll in "theoretical classes".

The choice of the mode of conducting classes remains an individual decision of the students.

Classroom will be held from 27 february, 2023, in accordance with the schedule of classes available at in the "For students" tab.

Registration for the sports sections will take place electronically in the USOSweb UMCS system. Detailed requirements have been published on the CKF UMCS website,4127.htm

The binding dates for the sports sections can be found on the website of KU AZS UMCS

Grades in the subject of physical education obtained in a different, earlier course of studies are not rewritten.

Students studying two or more fields of study included in physical education classes enroll in two different subjects / profiles /; they register on their own for the first subject / profile / to a selected group in USOSweb and report by phone or e-mail to the CKF UMCS in order for an administrative employee to register for the second subject / profile. E-mail addresses and telephone numbers on the website in the "For students" tab.

The regulations for participation in physical education classes are available on the website of CKF UMCS:,8188.htm

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